Hi All,

I'd like to provide an update on the development of the recording system. It's been a long summer, and I've managed to four essential pieces working:

Now, back to figuring out why DMA is not working ;)

Tim Hanson, October 9 2007,

Hi All,

Neurorecord makes headstages for extracellular recording of neural activity, specifically spikes/action potentials. At present the headstages are in active development; however, the design has the following feature targets:

I will keep you updated as the design progresses. I'm quite motivated to proceed, because not only do i see a strong market demand for something cheaper, smaller, and simpler than the products of Plexon, Cyberkinetics, and Neuralynx, but also I really believe that we need better recording systems to advance science. While there has been much research effort put into investigating new methods & electronics for recording, too few people are actually selling the completed solutions. Though we may not achieve the same level of performance as the best research recording systems, our goal is to have headstages that are practical and available.


Tim Hanson, May 22 2007.

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